Graphic / digital designer with absolutely rockin’ motion skills 40u p/w

Curious as a cat, we’re looking for a rockstar graphic / digital designer with next-level visual & motion skills; someone who is totally comfortable pushing the boundaries of each assignment. Experience with interactive media and motion is a must and a deal breaker if not. Having a good (or bad, it depends on who you ask) sense of humour is definitely necessary, otherwise you won’t survive. Music, greenery, coffee, rambling chats, health kicks, grilled cheese, sporadic singing, laser focus and dogs are all regular visitors in this office; if this sounds like you – even better.

We’re explorers, storytellers, designers and makers. A design studio in Rotterdam, our people have big talent and big ambitions. We work on a great variety of assignments, both client and self-initiated (how can you inspire if you don’t have dreams yourself?). This can range from creating a new brand identity for a leading 3D printer company Ultimaker to creating an interactive playground for Adyen. One day you’ll work on the creation of a completely new company and product and the next you will run a creative workshop with local governments. Whatever the project, our goal is to create the best there is in its field and to bring back a bit of wonder into this world.

What do we have to offer?

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Who are we?

We’re Morrow, The Creative Club from Rotterdam. Explorers, storytellers, designers and makers with the mission to create 100% wow work.

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