Interaction designer
32 - 40u p/w

We’re looking for a talented interaction designer with superhero level skills in design. Curious, an explorer, observer of humans, you must be always willing to push boundaries, be suspicious of limits and confident in carving out paths for others. At any given moment you’re the one who knows how to link all the touch points together and how to design and monitor the interaction between brand, product and user. We’re looking for someone who has a strong basis in digital interfaces (websites, apps) but who is also able to design the experience of a new hotel, a book or even a pair of socks. Everyone in our team is multidisciplinary and crazy about design. Having a good (or bad, it depends on who you ask) sense of humour is definitely necessary, otherwise you won’t survive. Music, greenery, coffee, feel-good chats, health kicks, grilled cheese, sporadic singing, laser focus and dogs are all regular visitors in this office. If this sounds like you – even better. 

We are a design studio in Rotterdam, our people have big talent and big ambitions. We work on a great variety of assignments, both client and self-initiated (how can you inspire if you don’t have those dreams yourself?). All of them are diverse. This can range from designing a car configurator for Mazda that guides users to their new, dreamy car or by literally guiding travellers to their destination by developing the new for the Netherlands’ #1 travel app, 9292. Whatever the project, our goal is to create the best there is in its field and to bring back a bit of wonder into this world.

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Who are we?

We’re Morrow, The Creative Club from Rotterdam. Explorers, storytellers, designers and makers with the mission to create 100% wow work.

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