Imagine having the best idea in the world. One that solves a real problem. But you just can’t convince others to make it happen. The dream is dead! Killed before it even started!

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Pitching Ideas provides a bulletproof framework and approach to pitching for all aspects of your life, professional and private alike!

Philip Battin • Design Strategy Lead at Google

Who is this book for?

First and foremost, this book is written with creatives, brand managers, and marketers in mind. Besides creating things (brand identities, products, services, experiences, spaces, etc.) the biggest part of our job is convincing others to make ideas actually happen.

But it’s also a good place to start for anyone who feels that they’re not always in control of their ideas, or finds it difficult to get support from others.

In this book you’ll learn how to get buy-in from others, and discover more about how to:

1. Define the goal.

A clear goal helps you and your teammates focus when creating ideas.

2. Grab the core of the idea.

Learn how to describe your ideas so that they become so clear and bright that they are ready to be pitched.

3. Understand who to convince.

To get the necessary buy-in, we must first understand who we are pitching to.

4. Prepare for the pitch.

Let’s get ready for the big day: the moment you deliver your pitch.

5. Deliver the pitch.

All the preparations are done. The moment to pitch has come.

Pitching Ideas is the most comprehensive book I have seen on the topic. Packed with tons of useful advice. Get it.

Tomer Sharon • VP, Head of UX at WeWork and author of 'Validating Product Ideas'

About the author?

Jeroen van Geel is co-founder and strategist at Morrow. His mission in life is to bring back a bit of wonder into this world, even if it’s just for his kids. He’s worked on many different projects, ranging from the self-service passport gates at Schiphol airport to an award winning smart projector, Beam. He can’t stop talking about cycling.

Download the tools?

Throughout the book, Jeroen mentions several tools that you can use to pitch your ideas. Amongst these are powerful models like the Core Idea Sheet and the Stakeholder Balance Map.

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