Expert review

Get more out of your app and website using our tips + tricks!

So how does it work?

With an expert review, one of our experts assesses your product and comes up with concrete points for improvement. The central goal of every expert review is to optimise your app or website.

In four steps:

#1 Understanding Context

Every website or app is different. It has a different target group, different purpose and a different set-up. Therefore, at the beginning of an expert review, we start with a joint session in which we thoroughly discuss these issues, so that we understand the context better.

#2 Naming goals

What would you like us to focus on during the review? Would you like us to look at everything globally and come up with general improvements or do we analyse specific areas? Here we will establish the focus points of your review.

#3 Product review

Now we will get started. We’ll go through the website or app with a fine tooth comb and view underlying data, where possible and necessary. We’ll take notes of what we encounter, inputting all of our observations into a comprehensive summary.

#4 Reporting results

Finally we will deliver a report containing a concrete list of areas for improvement, with easily actionable items.

What do you get as a result?

At the end of an expert review, you will receive a report with a concrete list of actions to improve the website or app. This can vary from improvements in the structure or flow, from building a form differently to changing design elements or text. Everything depends on the product and purpose.

What does it cost?

We have three packages. The difference is mainly in the amount of time we take to conduct a review. We do a quick scan in eight hours and a thorough, in depth analysis in forty.

Small €1.000,-

8 hour review + 1 hour report

Medium €2.500,-

24 hour review + 1 hour report

Large €3.950,-

40 hour review + 1 hour report

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