Wauw & Lulu
brand design
Milou van Hoof

Wauw! A timeless logo for a brand that will never go out of style.

Classic leather bags for a lifetime. No volatile trends, no extra frills. Wauw & Lulu woos us with timeless elegance with a minimalistic style. This philosophy not only produces gorgeous looking products but makes their bags sustainable too.

The challenge? How to design an identity for something that already looks so strong in and of itself. Well, by applying the same approach, we kept things simple.


We chose to go with a strictly typographic logo. A classic design that is timeless, not trendy, not illustrative. With a sharp edge to it that complements the minimalistic shapes of the bag collection, we wanted to achieve a perfect balance between the bag and the logo. There’s not one element that grabs your attention but a peaceful companionship between the two. Each bag has the logo embossed, perfectly pressed into its smooth leather. 

Alongside the logo we created a monogram, to be used on a variety of media such as packaging, tote bags and store signage. We also did a simplified version of the logo, consisting just of the initials. The images have been taken by Milou van Hoof and styled by Jip Bierings.


A timeless identity that perfectly underlines the philosophy of the contemporary Wauw & Lulu.

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