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The Netherlands' most popular public transportation app 9292 travels with you

Mobility is changing at lightning speed. To increase the connection with the traveler and to be ready for the future, 9292 asked us to design the new app.


In the Netherlands, more than one million people travel by public transport every day. From young to old, experienced and inexperienced, with and without disabilities. Every traveler has different needs at different times. One moment you navigate on autopilot to work, while in the weekend you have to make the greatest effort with the children to find that one bus to the amusement park.

At the same time, mobility and the journey itself are changing considerably. Taking a bike or scooter in between to get to your destination is already is a no brainer. And that is just the start in new mobility thinking.

In other words: How do we make an app that meets the needs of all travelers, and is ready for the future?


Based on an intensive research process, we have developed a strategy for the coming years. The dot on the horizon? A fully personalized travel experience. From here we started working on the design, resulting in an app that in the coming years will increasingly adapt to the needs of the traveler.

Start planning your journey and the app will automatically start bringing out the travel information that is relevant to you over time. All this well-arranged and customizable on the start screen of the app. Providing space for routes, your favorite locations, departure times, and much more in the future. No two apps will be the same anymore.

Better together

The best results happen when people work together. For the new 9292 app we worked closely with Q42 and 9292.

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