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An identity that knocks your (sustainable) socks off!

Built upon their passion for innovative solutions in quality and sustainability, Amsterdam based label Qnoop is a creative brand in making beautifully designed socks.


Qnoop distinguishes itself by bringing different aspects to the table (or should we say sockdrawer?). Sustainability, high quality and aesthetics are important traits for everything that Qnoop creates and they struggled with how to communicate all of these aspects. So, we carefully determined and mapped out their brand strategy and actually turned that aspect into their pay off: Bring it together.

Step inside the updated version of Qnoop. New logo, new style, same us. By Rotterdam’s finest. Morrow.

Dirk Vis • Qnoop


This little phrase formed the fundamental blocks of the visual concept for the identity; implementing ‘bring it together’ into the logo by using a hyphen as part of a custom made Q. It represents the connection Qnoop seeks in bringing together different values and working together with parties who hold the same set of principles. The Q works as a monogram but we also designed a wordmark that can be used throughout. 

For the visual language we chose to make best use of what was already there, beautiful socks with a strong appearance. Since this appearance was already quite graphic, all we had to do was flatten the graphics and turn them into their form language. To complement this, we made a typographical and photographical poster, setting out a nice system to showcase the collection in different ways. 

In Qnoop’s photography, the inspiration of a collection shines through in the seasonal shoots. Whether it’s architecture, sports or nature, by combining this with an active posture, we created a recognisable base for each shoot.

As for typography we chose a contemporary classic (Good Sans), representing the timeless style Qnoop aims to achieve with their socks.


A bold but calm identity is the result, leaving plenty of room for the socks to steal the show, while showing off the powerful character of the brand. By dressing people from the feet up, Qnoop’s aim is to facilitate and inspire with socks that look good and feel even better. Now their visual identity does exactly that too!

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