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With you can transform collected inspiration into creation.

Over the years, we have become nimble inspiration foragers, deftly seeking out images that inspire us and collecting them for our own reference. If you remember, ten long years ago, we were just using our phone cameras. Then, off the back of that, Pinterest arrived, serving an open-armed audience of avid pinners who were waiting in the wings. Now, we’re missing something. Online soon

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Well, until now, there’s been nothing that brings your ideas into real life, and turns our inspiration into action.  Enter Sfeer allows you to patchwork all of your collected data and show it off to the world, or keep your board private if it’s too embarrassing…

Together with our friends of Bedrock Development we created We’re super excited to bring this to you, and we reckon you’re gonna love what we’ve done. Let us know what you think, we’re the first of our kind so we want to hear your thoughts and feelings on what we’ve created. 

In the following months we will update the tool and bring you some more features like annotating, presentation mode and more.

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If you’re in a pickle with your branding, give us a call on +31 10 846 6385 and we can go from there. You can also jot down your Qs by email and get us at or if you need some fresh air, get outside and come join us in our studio! We’re peopley types and we love visits.

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